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Tips for Playing CODM

With fiery gameplay and beautiful graphics, Call of Duty: Mobile will surely make gamers fall in love from the moment they step into the game. The map system is also extremely diverse, including the classic Nuketown map from Black Ops 1, Skyjacked and Standoff from Black Ops 3, Shipment from Modern Warfare 1, Highrise from Modern Warfare 2.

These are tips that can help Call of Duty: Mobile VN players improve their kill/death ratio quickly without too much time, just need a little optimization in game and mobile settings. phone.

Instructions to play Call of Duty: Mobile for beginners

After installing Call of Duty: Mobile, open the game but wait for a while to load the data.

When the game is completed, at the best login interface, just choose “Guest” to experience it first.

Next, name your character in the game. Call of Duty: Mobile has up to 6 character classes for you to choose from, each class has its own skills:

Mechanic: The ability to call EMP Drone creates electric pulses to jam enemies. Possesses enhanced visibility towards vehicles, possessing traps and other items.
Scout: Detects new footprints of the enemy, uses Sensor Dart to see the enemy's location in a certain area on the Radar.
Defender: Skilled in deploying defensive shields, resistant to all types of damage, except for direct bullets.
Clown: Attract Zombies to attack enemies with the Toy Bomb skill. Has a special ability that reduces the distance detected by Zombies.
Ninja: Use a hook to swing yourself to buildings in a radius or move quickly in any terrain.
Medic: Use Medical Station to heal yourself and allies at a certain distance.

Game speed up

Call of Duty has a download capacity of 1.73GB for Android and 2.1GB for iOS. Minimum iOS configuration is iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and iOS 9 or later, optimized for iPhone 8 or later, and iOS 10-11-12; With Android operating system, at least Android version 4.3 or higher, 1.5GB RAM and 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, optimally Android 8.0, 2GHz 8-core CPU and 3-4GB RAM. Let’s “remember” these parameters to ensure that you don’t get mood-depressed because of jerks, lags, and game freezes while shooting enthusiastically.

Besides, you should also turn off all background applications to save processing power for the game, and at the same time turn off all notifications-notifications to avoid being about to headshot when a message pops up again.

Fortunately, the vast majority of phones now have a Gaming Mode that automatically activates when playing games, so you probably don’t need to do this last turn off.

Improved combat power

First, do not hesitate to increase the brightness of the screen to the highest level that you feel is acceptable. Please turn off the automatic brightness adjustment feature and the blue light filter (often called Night Mode or Blue Light Filter depending on the device) because they will more or less reduce the brightness of the screen, change the color of the image. image and affect your ability to detect enemies.

The game will automatically detect the device configuration and set the graphics quality that it thinks is suitable for the player’s device, but you should also adjust it a bit in the Settings section of the game. FPS gamers’ number one priority is always frame rate so if necessary you will have to reduce the image quality to achieve the smoothest, highest frame rates – good images are of no use. if you are “cracked” in the game.

You can also improve your vision in Call of Duty: Mobile by using an external controller instead of the device’s touchscreen. An Xbox One or PS4 controller that connects via your phone’s Bluetooth will give you a huge advantage not only in the ability to control and aim more accurately, but also give you a wider field of view due to the absence of fingers. hindrance hand.

If you don’t have a handle and are forced to use the touchscreen, you can try adjusting the position of the virtual controls on the screen in Settings for a wider field of view, but be sure to leave enough space to allow Don’t press the wrong finger!

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