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6 tips for the best Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a super hot game that just launched not long ago and has 10 million players on PC, console and mobile. Inspired by The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild, Genshin Impact has a huge world to explore, an exciting storyline, and lots of exciting features. Everything in Genshin Impact is really worth experiencing for players.

The big attraction of Genshin Impact is the huge open world filled with hidden secrets, puzzles, mini games and bosses. It’s clear that developer MiHoYo took a lot of inspiration from Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild, as you can climb mountains, traverse abysses, and very quickly lose track of time figuring out all sorts of secrets. interesting honey.

Just like The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild and the other games that inspired it, Genshin Impact is filled with secrets and features that are easy to overlook. Let’s take a look at 6 tips for the best Genshin game and essential tricks for beginners!

  1. Gacha microtransaction system doesn’t matter

Genshin Impact is a free game, so the developer has to find a way to get the money back using the Gacha system: You can spend a certain amount of currency to get a rare character. However, the rate of getting SSR characters is only 0.6%, moreover, you can definitely complete the quest with 4 stars or lower characters. The game also offers premium currency through various quests – you’ll earn a decent amount just by playing every day.

  1. Stock up on meals

This is the main HP recovery method in Genshin Impact. Meals can be cooked over a campfire on your journey. Sometimes you will have to go a long time without any recovery, so it is extremely important to stock up on food.

  1. Level up characters and weapons as soon as possible

In Genshin Impact, the character’s experience is gained from exploring and fighting. You need to periodically check your character’s stats because the game doesn’t really tell you when they can level up to the next level. Weapons also need to be upgraded regularly.

  1. Collect everything you see

There are many items to collect in the world of Genshin Impact, from fruit on a nearby tree to a drop of slime after killing an enemy. Most items can be used in certain recipes or as part of equipment development. So stock up on everything you see.

  1. Focus on climbing rank for the character

Character’s rank is achieved by exploring the world, doing quests, and searching for treasure. If you want to unlock more items in the shops, you will have to focus on exploring and completing quests to climb the rank instead of “plowing” the level.

Rank is also required to unlock the co-op feature in Genshin Impact. The rank requirement is not high – you just need to spend a few hours exploring the game. The first 5-10 hours is a solo experience, but after ranking the character to level 16 and completing part of the main story work, you can jump to another world and fight with your friends.

  1. Switch between characters to create elemental combos

In Genshin Impact, you will play as a team of 4 characters at the same time. You must quickly switch between them to perform elemental spells or combo attacks. Try to frequently switch between characters to create combos.

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Genshin Impact is a “fever” name in the world game market today. The game is available on both mobile, PC and PS4 platforms and is free to download, but requires high configuration and huge installation and data capacity, requiring the device to have memory. much empty.

In the game, the player plays the role of a character who explores a strange world on a journey to find his brother/sister (who to find depends on the character they choose at the start of the game).

As an open world game, the adventure element is given top priority and raised to a new level. “Plow hoes” is not a heavy factor, the publisher (NPH) Mihoyo wants to direct players to the real entertainment feature when even the mission system is quite … thin and mainly to lead gamers along. plot, explore each land, each area with a lot of different elements.

Although only opening 2 lands, gamers still “cry to heaven” because Genshin Impact is too large, too detailed and content to learn.

If players lose patience clicking for instructions, conversations go by quickly (no Skip feature to skip), they may take even longer to find and decode quests and inventory. hidden treasures in this world.

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