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  1. LOL Account: Vurgunp4
    Password: Pleasee57
  2. League of Legends Account: omersefer123
    Password: 1 0401040a
  3. League of Legends Account: bu912kucuk
    Password: ad01b926
  4. LOL Accounte:  loskaret
    Password: barbar047
  5. Username:  DeadLyheroo18
    Password: Furkan0123
  6. LOL Account: redfalcon3452
    Password: Ordu198234
  7. Username: veremli22
    Password: sucukluyumurta12
  8. League of Legends Account: Berky532
    Password: 123brky123
  9. League of Legends Account:  pulbiber
    Password:  bibeerlee
  10. LOL Account:  kingkral
    Password:  1907199732

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  1. League account: iphone32
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  2. LOL acc: alikarakaya32
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  3. LOL acc: gaziosmanpasalee34
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  4. League account: mertadam1
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  5. LOL acc: kafakiran1
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  6. League account: ardaturk12
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  7. LOL acc: leeprosu3212
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  8. LOL acc: serdarhan32
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  9. League account: werewolf34
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  10. Free riot accounts: muyak
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  11. League account: renkar123212
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  1. League of Legends Account: korsova03
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  2. Username: kaan32175106
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  3. LOL Account:  pulbiber
    Password:  bibeerlee
  4. League of Legends Account:  kingkral
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  5. League of Legends Account:  rockmeyh112
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  6. LOL Account:  gravesti
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  • League of Legends euw account : Ebankrogil
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20 super cool tips in the game League of Legends

The ability to make in-game decisions is the most important skill of a great League of Legends player. In every League of Legends match, we have to constantly ask the questions: “where to go now?”, “should I move forward or backward?”, “what should I build next?”… Decision making in the game is the most important skill of a great gamer. Is the dividing line between a good gamer and a great gamer.

  1. Focus on the game right from the pick and ban phase. After choosing your champion, try to imagine the early stages of the game. Instead of surfing facebook, listening to music, try asking questions: “How will I eat the forest ring? Which lane do you gank first then?” or “If I go with this champion, will I play tiger or farm in a tie? How to exchange tactics?”. Being proactive is always good.
  2. Before the minion goes to the lane or even before seeing the opponent in the same lane raise the skill, do not add the skill early. Example: You are Morgana you add Q or W at the Ancient Stone Platform and the other team has Blitzcrank, the enemy invades the jungle and gets the first blood thanks to the Steam Robot guy’s pull. It will be very different if you raise E Black Shield right at level 1.
  3. Try to level up as soon as possible (especially levels 2, 3 and 6). The advantage of 1 skill, 1 level in the early levels brings great initiative. Try to level up earlier than your opponent and then move on to force swap. If the opponent dodges, he will definitely lose experience and soldier stats.
  4. If you go home to buy equipment and still have about 70-100 left over, buy Purple Eye instead of buying 2 health potions. Visibility will ensure your safety. No matter what position you play, you should help your teammates control vision.
  5. When playing mid. Stand farm leaning towards the half of the map where your jungle is. If asked, you will get help faster.
  6. Buy defensive equipment when you win, attack equipment when you lose. If you’re losing, but you still have a defensive item, you will become a hit for the opponent to continue without any threat.
  7. Confront assassins who have the ability to 1 combo to kill when they have Ultimate (Zed, Talon, Fizz…) bring Exhaustion. For non-Ultimate assassins like Leblanc, Kha’zix bring Shield, Heal.
  8. Don’t “try to eat sticky rice” gank when your teammates are too short, or you and your lane teammates are not likely to kill the enemy. A jungler’s mission is not every gank. If ganking is too hard, focus on warding and minion stats.
  9. Must know when your strength threshold is and adjust the play style appropriately for each stage. For example, when Corki has the Triple Sword, Lucian must have both Youmu Ghost Sword + Black Ax.
  10. Flashing isn’t just for running away. Be proactive and decisive in making Flashes if it can give the team an advantage.
  11. Should choose a reasonable gank target. Gank a lot for teammates if they are strong Snowball champions (Riven, Fizz, …). Even if you help Vayne get the first blood Lucian, then with the champion quality will still help Lucian crush Vayne during the laning phase.
  12. Don’t get too caught up in the cooldown reduction stats. Only a few champions need 45% Cooldown like Lissandra, Lulu, etc. These are generals with a versatile set of moves, with a lot of control or support. The rest focus on increasing the available strength.
  13. Gank early at level 3 with an enchantment that is a double-edged sword. Don’t do this if your opponent carries Teleport because even if you kill him, he will return to lane very quickly and will not lose experience. The jungle on the other side that has experience will be a starting 3 charm for him. Be careful.
  14. If you’re playing Support, after returning to buy items to complete Shine Stone, call the jungle to gank mid. If you can’t earn kill points, it’s also a lot of pressure for the opponent’s Mid. Don’t forget to “convenient to work” to leave the eyes.
  15. Don’t chase the enemy if you don’t have enough information about the position of the remaining enemy generals. Kill him in a flash or give up.
  16. Dragons, Barons or turrets are targets that concretize your advantage. Not the kill points.
  17. If the opponent is losing or just playing in a draw, suddenly rush to dry up with you. There is a high chance that there is danger lurking around you. Do not respond too strongly.
  18. It is not necessary to kill the enemy team to eat Baron. Don’t hesitate to enter Baron when your team is getting stronger or see a location where your team doesn’t have Teleport farming in the bottom half of the map. Baron is the best way to lure those who are determined to hold a defensive tower to leave their lair.
  19. Don’t complain about your teammates’ mistakes, this only makes them more psychologically heavy.
  20. Make yourself feel comfortable when entering the match. Guaranteed both in terms of time and psychology. shares with you the top 20 great tips when playing LOL games above. Hope can help those who follow to improve their level of playing League of Legends a bit. Good luck to everyone on their journey in the arena of justice!

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