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Tips to play Mobile Legends 2021

In competition, the more generals in the squad that take on different roles, the easier it is to support each other. And vice versa, those roles will also overcome the opponent to help the game become more balanced. Let’s find out 6 typical roles of 6 types of generals for you to choose from, including: Tank, Gunner, Gladiator, Assassin, Support, Mage and Top 5 generals for beginners.

Tank (TANK)

  • Tanks are champions with low damage but extremely high health & magic resistance, good control ability.
    – This is the position that usually starts in combat, taking a lot of damage.
    – At that time, the remaining low health champions in the team will be shielded to be able to do their roles well.

Gunner (Marksman – MM)

– They are champions with low health but extremely high damage, especially in the late game.
Therefore, if you love the Gunner style, you must keep a safe distance from your opponent.
– Avoid being followed by your opponent, then you will be able to both deal damage to the opponent and have the ability to escape.

Guide to play Mobile Legends

Fighter (Fighter)

– Gladiator has high damage and relatively stable resistance.
– In addition, the strength of Gladiator is the ability to squeeze the opponent’s angle quite well.

Assassin (Assasin – ASS)

– They are generals who have the ability to stack damage and finish other champions with low damage in just 1 combo.
– Assassins often prefer fighting styles: individual capture, raid, maneuver, single lane push, and stealthy house breaking.

Support (SP)

– Generals with the role of Support will take advantage of skills that create an advantage for their teammates in combat.
– These skills can help heal teammates or slow, disable the opponent.
– This is the role that has the best ability to coordinate with teammates.

Mage (Mage)

– These are champions that deal magic damage.
– The damage of the Mages usually deals in a wide area, long range and good control.
– Therefore, when fighting, the role of the mage is quite important. Can be 1 skill to immobilize the entire opponent squad or 1 combo to finish the opponent.

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Top 5 champions for new players Mobile Legends

To get used to the game more easily, we will introduce you to 5 champions that are easy to manipulate and bring many effects. They are: Zilong, Eudora, Saber, Hilda, Minotaur.

Zilong: This is the 2nd champion you own completely free after Layla. Although he is a champion received for free at the start of the game, Zilong is a champion that is not only very easy to use, but also has a good-looking appearance.

– Price: Free
– Role: Gladiator (main) / Assassin.

Instructions to play Mobile Legends for beginners 01

  • Strength:
    The Skill Set is very easy to use (no navigation required, no aiming).
    Ulti increases attack speed and movement to help Zilong dominate in solo phases, in addition to being able to push the thief when the home side is weak.
    The damage over time is quite high (thanks to the passive and ulti), pushes the house quickly and then jumps when there is a turn.
  • Weakness:
    As a melee fighter general, he must enter and fight appropriately.
    Avoid the psychology of weighing all 5 of your team members.

Eudora: Scary generator capable of 1 combo to 1 life of paper champion!

  • Price: 2000 BP (cheapest game)
    – Role: Mage.

Instructions to play Mobile Legends for beginners 02

  • Strength:
    The skill set that deals very high damage is never afraid of missing the target, just afraid of the wrong target.
    The base damage of the skill is very high, so it can be used to clear minions very quickly.
  • Weakness:
    Poor mobility, no flash skills, so you have to use auxiliary spells.
    As a mage, the blood is quite thin, and needs to be protected to maximize its potential.

Saber: A simple assassin champion capable of killing the enemy’s own damage even though he is protected to his teeth.
– Price: 6500 BP (Get free from the 7 day Beginner quest).
– Role: Assassin.

  • Strength:

The skill set causes a lot of discomfort to enemy champions in the same lane.
Has the ability to reduce up to 35 physical armor of the target.
Have the skill to glide to close the target or retreat.

  • Weakness:

As an assassin, the amount of blood is quite thin, it is necessary to enter the fight and kill the target reasonably.
The skill cooldown is quite long compared to other champions.

Minotaur: Powerful and energetic Gaur Warrior.

– Selling Price: 15000 BP
– Role: Tank (main) / Support.

Instructions to play Mobile Legends for beginners 04

  • Strength:

There is no mana bar so feel free to use the skill.
The HP is already high, and there is also the ability to heal yourself and your teammates.
Extremely powerful in Rage.

  • Weakness:

Poor mobility, fairly short jump skills.
It takes practice to properly time the transition to Rage in combat.


Strong female warrior with a skill set that deals a lot of damage.
– Selling price: 24000 BP
– Role: Gladiator (main) / Tank.

  • Strength:

High HP has the ability to self-recover when entering dust or when HP is low.
Has virtual armor that absorbs damage for free when entering dust.
High damage Ulti skill, when stacked, has the ability to ignore 40% of the target’s armor.
Good mobility with acceleration skills.
The second skill can hit 3 times in a row, dealing a lot of damage.
There was no mana bar so the skill could be used freely.

  • Weakness:

No hard control skills.
As a Tank general who uses damage to suppress, his protection is poor.
The muscular body is crazy and the face is not pretty, so it is often criticized.

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