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  1. Valorant account: [email protected]
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  3. Valorant account: [email protected]
    Password : windows8.1
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  16. Valorant account: [email protected]
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Valorant free account 2023

  1. [email protected] : Password – juice350
  2. [email protected] : Password – 0703dudqja
  3. [email protected] : Password – 1craznut
  4. [email protected] : Password – denden64
  5. [email protected] : Password – Hem01ant
  6. [email protected] : Password – henry123
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  14. [email protected] : Password – Miata691
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  16. [email protected] : Password – h09817167d
  17. [email protected] : Password – Jj4425152
  18. [email protected] : Password – kugel37
  19. [email protected] : Password – hate0443
  20. [email protected] : Password – aggregate23
  21. [email protected] : Password – cr3895
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  24. [email protected]: Password – 02blue10
  25. [email protected] : Password – yc9330

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  1. [email protected] : Password – dirtyturb1
  2. [email protected] : Password – getitgurl
  3. [email protected] : Password – SIBUNA1996
  4. [email protected] : Password – montre21
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  7. [email protected] : Password – microsoft
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  1. [email protected] | themineman
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[email protected]remote12
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[email protected]Windows8.1
[email protected]Uebellacker05
[email protected]peershelpI
[email protected]sylvia2381
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[email protected]Choo@t
[email protected]irena2534
[email protected]elite123
[email protected]Miata691
[email protected]1craznut
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[email protected]Hem01ant
[email protected]henry123
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Tips for playing Valorant

Valorant is a 5vs5 team-based online tactical shooter and first-person shooter set in a futuristic fantasy world.

There are many different agents for players to choose from, each agent will belong to a separate class, so it has its own gameplay and skill set. Players will use the currency obtained later in each game to buy skills and weapons (except for special agents).

The game is very diverse in weapons divided into 5 main categories: submachine guns, shotguns, machine guns, rifles and sniper rifles. Each weapon has a different purchase price and difficulty. In the main game mode, each match has up to 10 participants divided equally into 2 offensive or defensive factions.

The attacking side has a bomb, called a Spike. Their mission is to plant bombs in bombsite areas to destroy important enemy areas. If the attacking team successfully defends the bomb until it explodes, they win and get points.

If the defending team successfully defuses the bomb or doesn’t give them a chance to plant it by waiting for the timer to run out or taking out all the enemies, the defending team wins and gets a point.

After twelve rounds, the offensive team switches to the defensive team and vice versa. The first team to reach 13 points first wins the game.

Game modes in Valorant

  1. Unrated

It is a bomb mode but will not affect your rank. This mode helps you get used to the bomb mode as well as to know the map. Most gamers play Unrated to get acquainted with agents, guns they have never played, practice new strategies with friends before applying to rank.

  1. Spike Rush

Is a bomb mode but with a much faster pace and playing time than Unrated. This is a mode to entertain players rather than help them practice to play rank because the gameplay mechanism will be completely different: Each match has only 7 rounds and only needs to win 4 rounds to win the final, everyone Beginner play will have full skills and have the same weapon, each player on the attacking side will have a bomb, but only 1 can be placed.

  1. Competitive

This is the only game mode that will affect your rank. 10 players with the same rank or better than 1 rank will be placed in the same match lasting 24 rounds divided equally into 2 opposing factions: attack and defense. The team that wins 13 rounds first is the overall winner. The remaining rules are no different from Unrated mode.

  1. Deathmatch

Players will be divided into 2 opposing factions, the match only has 1 round lasting 10 minutes, each kill will count as 1 point and the side that gets 40 points first will win the overall. In addition, players who are defeated will be revived after a short period of time, this mode does not have a ranking mechanism.

  1. Escalation

At the beginning, all players will receive identical weapons, when each player defeats the enemy to a certain number will be promoted and change to new weapons. So players still have to earn their own lives to upgrade weapons. Each match will have 10 players divided into 2 opposing factions.

Escalation allows the use of basic skills, wide-area attacks will be disabled. Each level unlocks a new skill or weapon that speeds up the game. The player after being resurrected will have 5 seconds of immortality.

To win, your team needs to reach level 12 or reach a higher level than the opponent after 10 minutes of play. Teams need to earn 7 points to advance to the next level with the following calculation:

Defeat enemies at current rank: 1 point
Kill an enemy of the previous rank: 0.5 points 

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