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How to play the game World of Tanks

World of Tanks is one of the names that create a huge attraction in the action game market today. For those who have not had the opportunity to experience this game, you should definitely not miss the information in the few articles below. Let’s discover together now!

Game World of Tanks is an online action game published by Wargaming. This is a game that revolves around armored fighting vehicles such as tanks, self-propelled guns, anti-tank guns, etc. in the 20th century.

Participating in this game, each player will control a type of vehicle, be it light, medium or heavy tanks, anti-tank guns, self-propelled. A special thing is that the World of Tanks game was also held at the World Cyber ​​Game in 2012.

Guide to the basic controls in the game World of Tanks

The first thing that you need to know when playing World of Tanks is to understand and remember the control keys for the modes that are:

General control keys for the playing modes

  • F1: used to display help in match or garage locations.
  • W – A – S – D: these keys will be used to move the tanks of the bus in turn in the direction of forward – left – backward – right.
  • R, F: these keys are used to perform cruise control purposes.
  • X: used to control artillery, anti-tank artillery.
  • E: this key to turn off the viewfinder automatically.
    General control keys for the playing modes
    General control keys for the playing modes
  • C: this key is used to load the magazine.
  • The left Shift key will be used to turn on or off the spell, sniper modes.
  • Tab + Ctrl key combination is used to hide or display the list of teams.
  • Alt key will be used to switch between many underground modes that are default and many others.
  • Z: used to enable or disable command panels.
  • Esc used to return to the game menu.
  • Insert key used to switch modes of Logitech keyboard.
  • The V key is used to hide the interface of the matches.

Camera control keys

For camera control, you will use the following keys:

  • Scroll or use the PgUp/PgDn key to zoom in and out of the camera.
  • Hover or use mouse joystick to perform turret or camera rotation features or you can also do both actions at the same time.
  • Use the “=” key to enlarge the size of the map and the “-” key to reduce the map size, the M key to hide the map.

During the game, if you want to chat and contact your teammates and friends, you can use some of the following keys:

  • Enter key to put you into chat mode.
  • Tab key to switch message recipients and will apply between people on your team and all other players.
  • Use Esc key to exit chat mode.
  • Some shortcuts to help the message display when necessary are F4 (protect the base), F5 (agree), F6 (oppose), F7 (save), F8 (reload ammunition).

Guide to attack, destroy the enemy

When you have mastered the ways to control the tank, you need to drive to a predetermined position to start the game. When the vehicle is ready, right in front of you will appear a tank PzIII. Accordingly, your task will be to put your sights on the enemy, proceed to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible.

Penetration zone exercises

Beginner gamers will have to confront the iron block King Tiger and you will need to know its armor penetration area. In the game World of Tanks, King Tiger will be a tank and it is not easy to take down like PzIII because it has very thick armor.

That’s why when you play, you will need to follow the instructions in the exercise to be able to turn that solid iron block into scrap.

Instructions to adjust the sights, how to aim

Aiming and aiming is one of the most important skills that gamers need to master when playing World of Tanks. Before successfully aiming at the enemy, you will need to learn how to hide, move quickly to the position you need, choose for yourself a suitable bush to hide, and at the same time keep an eye on the enemy from afar.

As your target moves continuously, aiming will become more difficult. However, as long as you practice a lot and learn the skills of aiming, you will easily be able to take down the Panthers and destroy the enemy.

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